Dear Parents,

This year for our Upper Sunday School students we are planning to hold a Sunday School camp on September the 10th-11th God willing. 

As this will be the first lesson for the new Sunday School year we wanted to welcome the new students to the upper school, existing students to spend some time together with the teachers and also introduce the next stage of the Sunday School lessons, stage 1 as we begin our journey through the start of the bible again.

The following details is how the weekend will work.

When: Arrive promptly the Hall at 8.00am Saturday Morning to be driven to the camp. (Be sure to have a big breakfast prior to coming.)To be dropped back at the Hall at 5.00pm Sunday Evening in time for the evening session.
Where: Challenge Hill – Woodhouse camp grounds.
Who: All the upper Sunday school students and teachers.
Why: To spend time with each other around Gods word and develops friendships within the Ecclesia.
How: Students will be transported to and from the camp ground in teachers/adults cars. Food will be provided for the weekend.
What: Things you will need to bring; Bedding (swags or tents), sleeping bag, pillows, clothes, torches, and Bibles.
Cost: The cost per person attending will be $35 capped at $80 for a family. (If this is unachievable for families, please speak to Tim Mcgeorge or Jarrad Scott to assist as we really would like everyone there.) 

If your child does not have access to sleeping provisions please indicate in the following questions what they may require so we can help out and provide the necessary provisions for all. 

We so look forward to a great weekend and hope that everyone is able to make it along with us God willing.

Tim and Jarrad. 

Sunday School Camp Registration

Sunday School Camp Registration Form

Sleeping requirements: